the crop, but the jKjsterior portion of the stomach, or a fold of the intestine

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muscles. When protruded, the tongue tends towards the paralysed side,

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tage to the patient, I think. Fenner lauds a sterilisKcd solution of thyminic

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The Typhoid Epidemic at Lausen, Switzerland. — The epidemic

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402. Experimental Morphology. — Lectures and seminar reports dealing with re-

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two physicians as a test of their relative success, unless we really

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Requirements for Entrance to Examination for Medical License 380

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Exp. IV. Fresh guinea-pig serum was treated with COg, and the

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If the cough is dry and hacking, small doses of an opiate,

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Puerperal — affections, local, diagnosis, treatment,

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by heat, on account of their less cohesiveness. If a mercurial and

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and parturient women can be very speedily infected by a single

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Dr. Macnaughton-Jones for bringing before them so many photographs illus-

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and that no other cause for them, such as uremia, exists.

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of clinicians it is desirable that a uniform system of standardizing

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marhine. the new president of the State Board declared

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livid color, were discovered at an earlier stage of the disease. But they occurred early in

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