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The treatment and applications, local and general, suitable for the
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some German towns, though William Caxton brought it to England
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last state of that man's jaw is worse than the first, being full of porcelain and a
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But it is my purpose to speak more particularly of the show-
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ments could be made whereby Dr. McKnight's paper could
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ber 20th, page 317, I notice a short article in reference
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myself, “This is the text we should be using in our
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The thyroids should be freed from connective tissue, etc., and may
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mends the method for a thorough and systematic clinical test."
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finally reveal the ocular origin of a portion of the insanity of
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but in this scientific age, it is important to get it in its best and most acceptable form
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(3d) edition of this work, I have given abstracts of several cases of this
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to the study of the diseases of the female reproductive organs
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white race, the recurrence frequency being 69.4 and 64.3 per cent, for
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fund to be set apart for the extinction of the whole
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member of the Newton Water Board from 1880 to 1888.
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a 4.7-fold increased risk of limb reduction defects in infants exposed in utero to sex hormones (oral
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of Homer, winds up with the following inferences on the subject of re-
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the Cold Cure or the Cough Cure, and so on. No matter what the