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interesting reports of cases, but probably the papers that will attract
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insane, may well afford to administer its remaining hospital liberally,
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after which the death-rate (though still above the average)
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vascular occlusion gave rise to softening of a cerebellar hemisphere.
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does not relieve the pain. The vomiting is frequently repeated. In
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bodies transferred to another locality. I have been told
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Fischer. Chemical Urobilin a Mixture of Substance, Zeit. f. Physiol. Chem.,
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A slight wound is assisted even by the application of a sponge dipped in cold
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hours the sediment is collected on a filter free from mineral ash, and
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another patient who was begging for a similar operation,
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electricity almost daily for some sixteen years, I shall vent-
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he disposed of many hundred " diplomas" issued by this corporation. He
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and the body is curved a little to the affected side to avoid pressure
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lungs are dry and shrunken. The right heart is full of a dark, jelly-like,
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author, they do not, in any degree, affect the reputation of the
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had he done nothing else, the Royal Academy of Medicine, in Paris,
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drugs, the size of the dose, and the nature of the disease.
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taking care not to injure the mucosa. In this manner
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panying the instrument are found the necessary instructions for the manipulations
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The character of the tongue varies. In some cases this organ re-
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To the Editor: — In view of .the fact that I have not been
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In the last quarter of 1918 when typhus fever again appeared, we
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presents points of such radical difTerence a.s to render
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membranes, and if this latter accident should occur, it
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process in water purification. It is the cheapest way of removing rela-
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cine. Tliis may have had a little to do with it. I can-
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are usually considerably thickened and hyper^emic, and may at
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"fatty growth" weakens the muscular walls of the right cavities
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determine the sensibility of patients with urticaria and eczema
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Royal Medical Corporations, the Scottish Committee of the
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1866 a. — Ueber den Ausschlag der Haarsackmilbe bei Hunden {Acarus s. Demo-
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internal abdominal ring. The vas and blood-vessels are isolated, and
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Dr Abercrombie was chiefly impressed by Dr James Gregory, who
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from its peculiar fetid smell, and from its appearance, is soon
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first for the seat of the disease. After a careful examination, however,
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Every year an immense amount of work is done in tbis
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figures of Lubarsch and myself perhaps are too small: however, I
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every four hours. In addition to this the patient is given three pints of
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further argument that the most vital and compelling reason for
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Such beverages as tea, coffee, cocoa, and small quantities of wine may