Fifty-third Annual Meeting Held at York, September 22-

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Russia. Relief came each time from the application of heat.

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Also I Abstr.] : Brit. M. J., Lond., 1887, i, 721.— Thomson

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at once restored. It is then important for the patient

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years of age, was brought to him from Western Virginia.

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serous membrane, and by these is generally given with the Opium in doses

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known character of Dr. McClure, the hero of " A Doctor of the Old School," he

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According to Race, Sex and Age at Onset of the Initial Attack

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prognosis, however, is so unfavorable that there is little encouragement

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quantitative method of serum diagnosis by means of dried

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The usual hours of arrival are 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m., but in case

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resembling those of various endocrine dysfunctions . 4 Since the pitui-

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children, that there is less divergence of opinion among

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jection of proposal for voting by written papers, 23 ;

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have its permanent tuberculosis exhibit or museum, where at frequent

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1. Orgain, E. S.: Pheochromocytoma: value of certain

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into the small fever ward, labouring under an attack of nervous fever ;

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cool and refreshing ; while in winter, frost and snow are plentiful.

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He had used the instruments reconunended by Dr. Ball,

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leg seems weaker than the right. There were exaggerated

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examination it looks as if the ends of the bone were enlarged. The skin

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deal with the ordinary conditions which surround the individual in

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man we do not know, but others are reported to have died of

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Contribotiont for poblicadon should be icnt to Dr. R. L.Tk»-

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Misce : fiat pulvis. Detur in vitro. A teaspoonful 3 or 4 times a day.

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per cent, have cystic conditions which cause obstruction;

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Committees are always given at length, and all the action upon ihem in

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view to decide the query, " What dose Avill kill ? "

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continued in this region, however, she always wanted Dr. Dow if she

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made to differentiate them. The analysis of the results obtained from

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be neglected, or not be removed by the remedies administered,

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rate tendons. Action, to draw the neck to one side, or lift the

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" The pathologist at the bedside is not in the position of an