cases of cardiac disease, I am, from eight years' clinical
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age, which, on withdrawing the string to which it was attached, he found had
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time such an accident has happened to me. A lady mailed me a check,
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Third Edition. Carefully revised. Illustrated with Two
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(we take it) stagnation this number has been very materially decreased.
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and tubercular, as well as other diatheses ; but it is not
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physicians, who enjoyed to tell tales of their student days. They
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sharph' outlined oval bodies 6 to 7 ii. in diameter, containing pig-
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the epidemics of measles, which are therefore more numerous and
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Gram's solution. They are stained easiest in a saturated solution
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the specimen, which was a very beautiful one, sent, at the request of
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begins to recognize persons and objects around him, answers when spoken
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as the latter is concerned, I should prefer wine to whiskey,
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the opportunity of operating in three or four cases were the men
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congenital hernia(o). We learned that the testis of the left side had
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The incubation of this disease requires about twelve days and it
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bones, it is necessary — (1st.) That little or no motion should exist
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some other affection. Rosenstein saw a patient in whom the chronic kidney
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and so make the range of one car fifty miles. In order,
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absence of alcohol, may produce clinical and pathologic pictures
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solid and one liquid galenical, both of which should be of
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from Murchison, all the more weighty because he had no conception
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the knee-joint, where the only movements are flexion and
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Case 2. — D. J., the youngest son of B. J. and M. C. (see
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Phosphor., 2, was given every hour. During the following
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common to all fractures. They may be subcutaneous ;
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is not carried on during sleep or during the slightest physical
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posed to danger than the inmates of the sanitaria themselves.
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Itching is often absent altogether, and even when present
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which were entirely unsatisfactory, make one a sceptic as to
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