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measures. Sponges are objectionable and should not be used unless
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Fracture of the neck of the femur of three months' standing three months after
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diet, which has such a marked action on the toxic symptoms and the oedema,
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beyond a right angle. The wrist moved well, but the fingers remained
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flattening uterus. Buram believes that the projection forwards of the
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following prescriptions may be found useful, as recommended
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ginalis testis, while the hernia is both intraparietal and
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bued with the idea of the importance of antiseptic principles. It is of no use
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a high temperature and drowsiness. Duration of the paroxysm was eight
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appointment. This instrument, valuable though it be in many
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all precautions to prevent the development of certain
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flexible, but the muscles have become rather rigid, and the whole ab-
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accept our diplomas without the further examination. The result will be this, that of course
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Medicinal treatment embraces the administratioa of nouriahing aad mif
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it might bo difficult or impossible to recognize them.
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their highest point, whilst most are in various stages of convalescence.
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is derived from this source. Grassi and Calandruccio, however, were
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Nasal douches should never be used during the acute stages of nasal
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occurs from contaminated food, drinking water, hair-
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years and identified with his particular mission field,
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the fluids of the body, both through the skin and respiratory mucous
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depends chiefly upon the degree of pressure within the vessels of the
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the Ancients," 1865 ; and other minor works and tracts.
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and because they are believed to be all the principal kinds of
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dip it into the solution and pack it firmly into the tooth. — (64).
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The question naturally arises : What infiuence would
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attachments of the lateral ligaments. The wires were twisted tightly and
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Original Vaccine Pock Institution. Broad Street, Golden Sq.are,
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