Subject, "Treatment of Fractures of the Skull." This was dis-
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9. The pituitary body is situated on the floor of the
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than on the previous day; it was soft and dilatable; the head was
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non-military members of the Profession. If this conjecture
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stepped to a drawer, remarking that he "guessed" they did
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Case V. — Sewing girl, aged nineteen years. October 14: For
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They are usually confined to facial contortions, or to a sudden jerk of
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the laity, the term " Flat-foot " embraces many more symptoms than
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and presenting none of the symptoms of cholesteremia. But when the
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six months, once or twice a day, a cachet containing 10 grains of salol
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apparently opposed to one another. In one individual there is grandiose
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used cHnically in such small amounts and in such low dilutions the small amount
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more efficacious than one-thirtieth of a grain of arsenious acid and
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5. Buccal "spots" lead to an early diagnosis, but unfortunately
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practice in Chicago in 1880 and remained there for eight years. He was a member
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and boil up very quickly, for twenty or twenty-five minutes
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the oil-skin jacket and cotton over the chest. It produced a
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and pharyngeal irritation from my own experience. I
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passed through infancy, childhood and youth, it has during the past
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pen, or stable, or other place where cows are kept, within the limits of the city
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true specific toxins may be concerned or, on the other hand, that
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the elderly or debilitated, the usual starting dose is 0.25 mg, two or three times daily
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and over this defect the compensating mechanism has almost
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plicant material that which was unsatisfactory at a preliminary con-
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passed over without a reference to the study of Auer and Meltzer'
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ment of the attack. When a hysterical subject has an
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either omentum or intestine could be seen or felt while the membrane
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Eight Peruvian (Nos. H{V2, 1,273, l,tH!), 1,,->1H, 1,37(5, San
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man, eat. 43, who spilled a quantity of nitrobenzole over his clothes, and
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have appeared in the Lancet for 1800 and two following
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sorbed, thus leaving the parts in their original condition
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Vomiting and regurgitation presently occur ; after a while the nutri-
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closely watched.' So also the late Mr. Justice Coltman, in the case of Reg.
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moss-covered roofs and lichen-encrusted fences indicate.