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of cases was above 0.09. If we take 0.08 as the normal coefficient —

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Britton, Tliotnas, M.D., Waterloo Crescent, Halifax

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are concerned, have not been fully described. It must

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The disease has been attributed to excessive use of onions, asparagus, ra-

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image of the object, and with its consequent over-convergence

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cardia. As digitalis itself can cause heart block it

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Neurasthenia, Visceroptosis, Intestinal Stasis. — Miss G., aged 27,

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heart, and in the pulmonary arteries. The rest of the blood,

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supply nearly the whole of the corpus striatum, as well as the internal

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Improved surgical techniques apd new medical strategies

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Perth Prison. He was for some years secretary of the Perth

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in presenting Emeritus Professor Ferguson for the honorary