aided sight, renders the membrane apparently more pulpy and
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    to enter its wall and then emerge from it again, like a Lem-
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    raceous vomiting. The cough was the result of a recent cold he had contracted.
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    stitution, Irwin H. Neff, M.D., 268; De-alcoholization
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    and the two are sewed together with a continuous sero-
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    would explain the action of the remedy, on the common prin-
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    uric acid. Uric acid, by contracting the arterioles and
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    mediately into a yellow-fever atmosphere, seldom contract the
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    pains taken to make it as aseptic as possible. The patient should be
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    cerebral symptoms produced by the poisonous influence of fever on the
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    Differential Diagnosis. — Doubtless, lobar pneumonia is constantly mis-
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    Haemoglobin is then active in the absorption of these chemi-
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    raceous vomiting. The cough was the result of a recent cold he had contracted.
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    could kill a man in thirty-six hours, but was disposed
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    Sternberg had obtained a bacillus by the use of the ordinary culture
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    with the same quantity of liquor potassa; at the same
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    Gastrointestinal System. — The stomach usually contains a viscid
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    and desire for frank discussions. One thing seemed to
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    was resorted to, and the reduction at the elbow was
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    The plan of treatment should assume about the follow-
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    of lectures, while very pleasant for reading, renders the book
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    figures of Lubarsch and myself perhaps are too small: however, I
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    with members of the acid-fast group of bacteria. The reaction is not
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    matted totrether and placed over the transversalis fascia, covering the entire
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    He had an illness of eight weeks' duration, with obscure cerebral symptoms.
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    grasped between the two first fingers, the pupils contracted, requiring
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    Treatment of Torticollis. Dr. Townsend presented a girl, twelve
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    ference of the bone with a peripheral osseous deposit. From the
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    rent when the latter passes through a liquid ; whether this is due
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    existed a week, and was now likely to prevent him following
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    be divided into four groups: i. Those intended to j
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    the question as to whether or not the organisms that are,