severity of scarlet fever apparently varies with the number of
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In woods and hills and flowers, and the air of heaven, she no longer takes
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return from some ramble, escapade, or deviltry would add
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Therh has been a strong fight made in the Town Council of
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re-adjustment takes place as a self preservative activity,
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pulsation of arteries is due entirely to the impelling action of the
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forms an important element in many, if not most, cases of pyaemia, the
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should use any of the wines, the amount should be increased, so we
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warranted in saying that they occur in this disease far more frequently tlian
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recovery.* While the disease lasted it was a source of
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Past President, Georgia Medical Auxiliary, Savannah
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succeeding generations who found out that the vaunted
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On account of the lymphatic stasis incision into the blubbery tissue causes the
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the cells count and by the Wassermann reaction in the spinal fluid.
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antitoxic function, has not been satisfactory. We have tried the
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respirations, the alveolar air may lead to the diagnosis of acidosis
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hours before the skin became moist and the pulse abated in frequency. In
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sented me with this testimonial, in which they say — " We do not
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ously; and it is in some instances arrested by remedies. If not arrested, it may
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expectoration scanty. Chest resonanl everywhere on percussion, ami the only abnor-
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The miliar, or check bones, are two irregular prominent bones
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Consequently, we find that in remittent and continued
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Consulting Chief Engineer, Mr. J. R. Hoffert, Chief
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in recovery it lasted from one to five weeks, and in one-fourth over ten
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greasy than natural, owing to the interstitial deposit of
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the point of crossing of the "A" or "B" and the "C" or "D"
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attack may be completely recovered from, and there may never be a
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Tri- State Medical Society.— This well-known medical organization