increased or normal in the former. In estimating the results of per-
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0. moubata is of importance as the spreader of Spirochceta diittoni,
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diagnosis is possible only during the prevalence of epidemics, which furnish
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7. The cotyloid ligament is divided by short strong cuts upon
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immediately following the short ceremonies above. There will be two hours of fine music,
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But, you may ask, Is the treatment of acute rheumatism
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on Rubeola has been re-written. Additional facts will be found
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lesion being often located in the skin or mucous membranes. Upon
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beginning in March, 1S94. The first case reported was
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of the British Empire he now expressed. Sir Arthur Stanley,
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does not think that the Q^amollissenient incident to pregnancy
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of germ colonies, was analgesic, a vaso-motor stimulant,
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the triumph of surgery alone. Equal credit should be given to the
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tumors. To this group belong the dulness noted in the right iliac fossa
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debilitated state of the mother's health, etc., causes act-
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observed among the various cultures. None of them stained by
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cussed malaria, scarlet fever, and typhoid fever, and
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superior maxillary, the antrum was all but obliterated, the posterior wall of the
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Cow's milk is more opaque than woman's milk, although the latter
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the records of the general hospitals in which they were after-
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in the Japanese language a bi-monthly illustrated medical journal, which
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products; with the production of poisons of different kinds. The same
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I supporting the free distribution of medical information. The case had stirred public attention, but the anti-intellectual
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under the age of 50 years the oldest survived. The presump-
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An ejigible country situation for a medical practitioner, in one of the eastern counties of Mascactan-
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' " Cancer of the Uterus," Harveian Lectures, 1886, pp. 36-40, 68.
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of a series of joints. She judged it to be a yard and a quarter
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equally involved. The kidney may be of normal size and show few or even
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ulceration, a gangrenous abscess, or a bronchial dilatation. The first is
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fuse and accompanied by more pain, till the exciting cause is
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becomes more serous and the sac of the abscess is more and more
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we accept this statement of Dr. Dupuy, it seems probable that a
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certain poisonous influences, or insusceptibility of the