He says the women are vastly more difficult to manage than the men,
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needle was first suggested by Dr. C. S. Merrill, of Buckton,
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and of determined demeanour. He was adored by his family, and
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feels bad, and there is a slight pain about my heart.
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fiiable phosphatic calculus, is promoted. At all events, we strongly
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succeed in preventing anchylosis after the operation.
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Recent Deaths. — Dr. Stephen Wickes died on June 8th, at
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the distal extremity of the external carotid. I then carried
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of the opium and belladonna pills, fifteen grains of
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Chirurgical Transactions, 1897, vol. Ixxx. p. 87. 9. KNAPP. Trans. Ophthal. Soc.
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tirely uncovered by limg. Thoracic aorta slightly dilated ; there is
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this amount depends essentially upon the alkalinity. Theoretically, this deduction is
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stimulants, as well as the prompt but cautious employment of
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phobia and lachrymation ; a watery discharge issued from the nostrils ;
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Abt. IV. — On the Special Function of the Sudoriparous and Lymphatic
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elucidation of the pathological anatomy of certain cases of insanity, and
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ulcer ; it occurs earlier after the ingestion of food, and, in genei'al, is evi-
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degrees, with an average of twenty-three fair days, mak-
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The question of the use and abuse of hospital privileges by
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patent medicines are endorsed, advertised and sold. There are many doc-
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twelve years has been subject to congestive chills, which
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record. His name will ever rank as an original worker
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tions on men thus confirm the statement, though not the words, of
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virtually as it was when in the mother's abdomen. I
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of Waldschmidt and Donaldson on the insula of deaf mutes are
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tion, and mostly from neglect. This is most erroneous.
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in the majority of cases are those of catarrhal inflammation of
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On April 1st 1 made a somewhat fuller note : — At the apex,
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times, readers the state of tlie man or woman affected
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movement, cause the fat to pass into the intestine,