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been clearly defined. VASOTEC* (Enalapril Maleate. MSD) should be used during pregnancy only if the potential ben-
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internal remedies — I refer, of course, to the remo\-al or absorption of the
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American Congress of Radiology is taking place in Santiago, Chile, November 11
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general hospital at Hot Springs, Arkansas, for the treatment of cases
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fever — if not, indeed, all — are the effect of a poison, and
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immediate danger to be feared by delaying active treatment,
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effects of the drug appear to continue for some time.
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5. It offers a promising method of cure in the usually fatal chronic
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nection: cataract, retinitis, oculomotor paralyses, iritis,
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found (Howard and more recently Mallory), and it is possible that
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Kneeland, Jonathan S., Onondaga, Onondaga Co. Founder.
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de Therapeutique,' 1846, p. 209), the workmen who handle the emerald-green
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significant morbidity or mortality. In the majority of
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Able, but generally bismuth alone or combined with opium, or the vege-
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view, milk diet ought not to be prescribed for some months in every case
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Gaines, J. H., Surgeon. Detached from hospital, Hot