The duration of epidemics is brief, ceasing usually in six or eight weeks.
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The diagnosis of tumors of the mammary gland determines the plan
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of the vagina below. The clitoris is a small erectile organ, ana-
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which 8 were due to yellow fever, 2 to pernicious fever, and 7
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1897, XXX, 433-444. — Ijaveran (A. ) Du tiaitement du
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will produce the best possible results — nor that
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carefully the lungs of every patient with this disease who comes under
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have yet to learn that heating milk to a degree necessary to
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five or six hours, or even more. This done, the pieces
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claimed the attention of physicians for centuries, yet ho rem-
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ad libitum; no cakes or candies between meals j both
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to this genus, among which are two of the malarial parasites, P. vivax
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the inflammatory nodule be allowed to pass to the state of a
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up and removed the appendage on the other side with
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at times would not appear until after the lapse of several hours. If
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be glad to receive from the Committee, at as early a
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leged law in cases in which crime was the offspring
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insuflScient to permit the enzyme initially present to produce its maximum
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may be applied freely to prevent extension of the dis-
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hot sandbaths, &c. — rest on the same principle. I have
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The leave of absence granted Lieut.-Col. Johnson V. D.
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Medical Association, which appear in full in our pre-
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cemeteries. This led to a Parliamentary investigation
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If there are any ragged pieces of tissue within the wound, cut
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J. Atkinson, Arthur R. Colwell, James L. Williams, Paul S. Rhoads, Robert
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and BrazU. They were not equal to the best type of export steer
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J891, iv, 49-56.— Uurante (F.) Contribute alia statistica
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some in Glossina morsitans, but these flies never become infective.
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