cerebrospinal, in origin; the former are contained exclusively in the hypogastric

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Enemata, classification of. Laxative enema; nutrient enema;

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at this point that the vagina communicated with the exterior,

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pelvis. According to Michaelis and Ilildebraudt, the chief

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served, there will be very little danger from hemor-

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Kramer and Boyce^ bled calves ten or fifteen days after inoculation

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says (Part II. p. 126), that there is no doubt that the blood is formed be-

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They receive the nontransportable patients directly from unit level

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ond, the character and amount of organic matter con-

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The prepuce is an organ often presenting congenital or ac-

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When writing advertisers please mention the Journal.

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character of the food influences, to some extent, the amount of secretion

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portions be examined by the microscope, spermatozoa will be recognizable

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tDiscounted . . . the amount of premiums assigned to loss is less than the anticipated loss, the difference to be made

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■what they want is, for the most part, simply /orewaming.

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sponds to complex indications ; improvements of technique have given a

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considered as almost a certain token of approaching death. * * * *

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wasted and paralyzed muscles, contractions, and deformities of joints.

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where published. The Index to the titles is crossed

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amples of paracentesis capitis, of which four were cases of his own; he

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able duct from the lobe mass. Frequent marked variations from this typical

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tribute to the labors of those engaged in this most

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could be inserted with the greatest ease by putting in a new glass tube of

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that they should be held responsible for an error in

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(" Little's disease "). Sometimes the paralysis is of one side, affecting both