Dr. Buckingham states that in his experience this remedy has proved

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curring independently of Bright's disease, it is transient, and the quantity

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more or less diminished. An increase of the specific gravitj-, which is

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completely comatose, the convulsions at length ceasing, and the coma

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phy of structures from the pressure of masses of tophus is another effect.

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the fact that they had not developed. Huber and Guild ('13 b)

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natural and consequently difficult families. The genus salix

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vasations of blood. If the hemorrhage take place slowly-, it occasions

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peripheral processes to form networks about the trigeminal motor

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In cases in which the paralysis is not complete, the most effective mea-

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surface and becoming exposed. GaiTod's researches have shown that

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vast number of deliveries, the table exhibits a striking similarity

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Although hypochondriasis belongs in the list of disorders of the mind,

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because microscopical examination clearly showed that cells had

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excluded b}'" the smoothness of the surface, when it can be felt, and by

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assistance in determining the character and causes of the

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sure is the result, as with adrenin and pituitrin, the decreased

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reduced by it. If the thermometer denote an increase of temperature at,

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pital at Quarantine, presented to the Legislature, February 4, 1857.

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the urethra could be seen. The whole of the urine was dis-

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Dr. Otto of the Transactions of the Swedish Medical Association ;

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recovered his former health, and no longer had the paroxysms above

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recurrence of the disease in connection with other affections.

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this country have been led to discontinue the cauterizing and irritating

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produced at pleasure in any large arterial trunk, as the carotid

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disease. The latter, how^ever, is distinguished by the earl}^ occurrence of

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The term purpura, or the purples, denotes an affection characterized by

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mical characters other than those connected with the eruption on the skin

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and importance of removing these patients to hospitals or wards devoted

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private hj'giene. There is reason to believe that complete sanitary regu-

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medial border of the geniculate ganglion and into the great super-

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brados. Reconocemos en el extremo anterior de la cabeza del

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monitions. The patient, while in this state, remains immovable, preserv-

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Alzheimer (1), show a large protoplasmatic cell body with a spe-

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