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woman, recently a widow, at the house of a midwife.
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correspond with the intracranial pressure. For the brain can expand to
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Teaching of Physiology in Public Schools as a Means
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and in the calf muscles partial; while in the glutei there was loss of the
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pheric irritation exists. Such an irritation might be
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tous diseases of childhood and early adult life. Nothing has been
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indeed, increases antioxidant activity via the flavonoid-
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trophic Syphilitic Chancre, by M. Zwetitch ; Derangements of Nutrition
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as atrophy, in which there is no indirect affection of the optic nerve or
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Their preventive action depends upon the fact that they meet the tox-
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containing 30,000,000. The " reserves " are said to have been
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fact, particularly among families where the and cautious diagnoses he may detect phys-
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Charles Carroll Tower, M.D., M:M.S.S., died May 29th,
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The Memorial of the Medical Society of the County of Monroe.
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subject, the heart, which habitually palpitates and is habitually
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tive operation for hydronephrosis ; (3) a case of popliteal aneurysm
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stances. Naturally success will depend on several factors, such as the
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fectly still 3 or 4 degrees below 0^' Cent may be reached
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and was assigned to duty with the 2d U. S. Artillery.
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that cancer of the lip is of most frequent occurrence in Central Eu-
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blocking of tubes. Besides there were many areas of interstitial hemorrhages to
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fingers and toes of a whole man. Twenty-one is signified by
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