their discharges. The feigned attacks usually occur at night when

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    dermatomycosis was published by Manson in China in 1872'

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    see this principle exhibited in disease of the liver, where the bile is not

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    titioner has been employed in the treatment. Biessy

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    to the head, and the internal use of full doses of hexamethylenamin (urotropin)

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    will produce the best possible results — nor that

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    discdver the end of the incubative and the beginning of the

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    it when fresh to destroy all germs, and then adding a

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    poisoning, and iodoform dressings used instead, which

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    hospital in North Carolina. He was also an advocate of county public

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    Meharry Medical College, Nashville, Tennessee, 1982.

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    twenty years a Surgeon to this Hospital, and I think I have in

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    tumours. In most cases, however, the physical signs point to a mass within

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    the shoulders, hands and feet, and to a certain extent on the ches't and

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    ring either in a patient with preexisting chronic adrenocor-

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    merely a refined extract of the drug, and not its true alkaloid principle. In

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    pancreas and tunica vaginalis of testis; the larval

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    One fact in connection with this outbreak was, that the cats

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    * Michaux, " Gaz. des hopitaux," Aug. 13, 1887, p. 805.

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    unfirequently fulfil this indication successfully. We cannot regard car-

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    The building of European quarters, the placing of an isolated colonist's

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    early and the patient can change his work. Otherwise the cases run a

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    looking at the tables he found that cases of carcinoma, erysipelas, tuberculosis,

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    inadequate to pay for modern medical attendance, involving, i-> it does,

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    gm. (gr. iv.) either pure or mixed with equal parts of extract of rhu-

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    a few weeks or months for many years. He recently came into

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