given to those who have completed our pre-medieal course, but as
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atom of hydrogen and the azotic pole), on each of which an atom
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Mobile, Memphis, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati,
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both these propositions are, they are not invariably observed among edi-
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same subject, known, no doubt, to many of your readers, but the results in
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five per cent.) and of cupric sulphate (two per cent, to
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current. This serves to distinguish the affection from the wasting of
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posts are garrisoned each by more than 10,000 men, we can easily under-
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superior maxillary for carcinoma, which left the characteristic
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may be due to urtemia, it would be desirable, if possible, to excite the
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Chest Fluid 4. — Man, aged 42 years. Cardiac, general edema; volume of
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is much greater if there is considerable moisture in the air.
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ment, went to South Africa in January, 1900. He was light-
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senting very distinctly the aura epileptica. A man, thirty years of age, had
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abdomen; the muscles waste; the viscera undergo atrophic changes; and
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The duration of lead-paralysis is very variable, it is sometimes of short
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ination of the vagina seemed impossible, without great dis-
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to the free end of the horizontal bar, the degree of extension exerted can
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of the fever are as follows : It begins with an abrupt elevation, which
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any great extent on the anterior aspect of the heart.
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action of inhalation is manifested by the rapid disappear
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include 900 proglottides. The head is rounded and small, the size of a pinhead
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person who had a terrible eruption on her face. She was in a
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Art. ;{. Tlie tive examinations arc on tlie following
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out. The spot where the arterial blood came from was di:^tin-
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a half block or so, with staggering gait, but then had to lie down or fall.
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object to be accomplished, doubtless, is the removal,
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Billroth's, for " putrid poison," " phlogistic zymoid " must be
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fifth question proposed for discussion was that of agents