minute extravasations of blood ; they are small ecchymoses, and are fre-

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    The nerve force is peculiar. It passes as rapidly along a nerve as

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    simultaneous administration may increase the number

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    two distinct types of fistula— mucous and biliary— depending, as

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    americnnus, Ascaris hnnhricoidcs, Trichuris trichiura, Tenia saginata

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    1%; NaCl, 0.5%; titrate and adjust to +1.0%. Add: dissolved Japanese

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    that primary suture in brain wounds with plastic closure of

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    Hatch Station 6 compared hominy meal and corn meal. The latter is

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    digitin inert. Gorz was able to obtain from the specimen of digita-

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    the forearm, the forearm was flexed on the arm, and the arm was abducted over the

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    of sand, with perfectly dry surface, where no vegetation existed, or could

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    The vessels which give way are those which are least well

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    cient space for inserting the tube. But although this pretty

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    to the bill last winter, coming from Milwaukee, was based upon

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    As yet we are practically alone in the work of investigating

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    forty-three years' old, married, and the father of six children^

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    mation of the lungs, pleura, peritoneum, pericardium, or meninges;

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    Dr P. A. Young cordially agreed with the views expressed by

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    Superior peduncle. — Curschmann has recorded a case of softening,

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    common to meet with such transformation, and the disease, as

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    By most writers, amongst whom may be cited \Villan, Bateman,

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    in step for a long time to the music of a piano or the beat of

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    ■resides at a mean elevation of 11-9 metres (39 feet) above

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