using, of course, antiseptic douches, etc. The woman

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Dr. Dudley had also a proper sense of the value of his

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cities afford some natural protection against rapid spread of the disease.

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The treatment of different forms of pneumorrhagia must have reference

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Fixed rates of Commissh.n are also charged on business transacted.

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tive fevers, and of typhoid fever, should excite a strong suspicion of smallpox,

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gastric analysis made during a former attack (four years ago) revealed

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common to all the variously situated aguish regions which causes ague ?

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conveyed through the anterior carpo-radial ligament, a truth which,

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applied daily for four or six weeks will in some cases remove

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June and July he continued to improve, but complained of occasional pain in the

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much time if we desire to avoid all danger, and if we are anxious to make

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ence for the physician who does not wish to refer all

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18. Akhtar M, Ali MA, Sabbah RS, et al: Fine needle aspiration diagnosis of

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