concerned with the Army, the Navy, and the Public Health Service,

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drawn from them. For instance, two of the cases originated in

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different parts of the human frame, it is a most extensive and ever

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Diagnosis. In diagnosis these segments serve the pur-

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I cannot prove the correctness of this hypothesis, but I must also

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They are usually confined to facial contortions, or to a sudden jerk of

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Multiply this by the average amount represented by each

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ment. Occasionally six or eight weeks of such treatment

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bacteria which then become susceptible to phagocytosis because

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ture, and in its clinical forms ; it is also susceptible of various

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in days before the septic element was taken account of. As Dr.

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1. Oleate-hemoglobin broth is inoculated heavily with a 24-hour culture of

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sary that this work be done by the medical inspectors of the schools, but

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at the bottom of one or more of these pouches will be found

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Thomas Miller, M.D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery.

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In the last operation the irritation was applied at

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emaciated, and even symptoms denoting hectic set in ; and it

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end of the ninth week, and one at the end of the tenth

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Some of the lymphatics in the mesentery were also invaded, and the

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vessels which conveys some of the products of digestion to the

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Venice Convention, and in this connection the 1897 Milroy Lectures

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heart, and in the pulmonary arteries. The rest of the blood,

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must, however, go unverified by post-mortem diagnosis.

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ence," osteopathy, and the like — in turn are born,

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through its remotest parts and finest textures, w^hile it requires days,

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the organism, is discharged from it in greater or less abundance, and

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wall with a retro-pharyngeal abscess, and related a case referred

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sacrificing philanthropy of the Medical Profession in inaugu-

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xvi, 385-387. — Griffith (J. P. C. ) Meningitic typhoid

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tion; recovery. Univ. II. Masr., Pliila., 1891-2, iv, 518.—

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drinking of alcoholic liquids has no tendency to shorten life, because some

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if any condition of disseminated myelitis, which is more extensive

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infections with colon and typhoid ba< -illi it is always acid; in fact, in certain

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