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abdomen is prominent and there is tenderness along the course of the colon.

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its strictest sense, and those who have simple fistula

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of the horse, close to his head, and casting the eyes quickly from

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The symiotoms are those of dejection and dulness rather than

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three out of five children from couvuUions. A fourth had one

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described in this article, the influence exerted by these factors must be

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You will notice from the title of this paper that it is not the writer's

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the water-supply. A sudden outbreak of sickness of this

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tions. Everything had been arranged with a view to the

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Slight disturbances of the location of sensation are sometimes ob-

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be frankly vindictive — that it should satisfy that inborn

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had a position of distinction. Sydenham consoled himself for his suf-

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affect the diet and routine of the entire family; and

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mation of the lungs, pleura, peritoneum, pericardium, or meninges;

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The affection now to be considered, which has heretofore received Tan-

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Section of Nodule of Urticuria I'igmeutosa, showing masses of mast cells.

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attachments of the lateral ligaments. The wires were twisted tightly and

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University. Porttmately, we may say that this, so far as a

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how are we to warm it ? Professor Jorg's answer would be

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Cystic or fluid tumors, however, I must not forget to

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tacked, are in less danger when epidemics occur than those who havu

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ance" in the case of minors. Neither the law nor the

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muscle. The double origin of the mammalian muscle, which is usual, seems

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following : Dissolve two ounces of borax in three pints of boiling water ;

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important, for in most cases of renal tuberculosis the ureter becomes

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stethoscope; and, again, it not unfrequently coexists

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The objectionable position of the pavilions of hospitals is exem-