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profession, and is an important contribution to the
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beyond recovery. J^ut nothin;^ so fully pointed out the extent and
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will be found, which, bulging the nasal wall inward and
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deavor to pull the child, away with force. When the
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embryology, development, &c, where life is a necessary ele-
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27th, 1902) reviews the work done since the publication
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The obstructing cause was then discovered. Firmly inclosing the neck of the
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It is to encourage a more uniyersal adoption of it that I
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the affected region, although it is a remarkable fact that for a
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name for insane asylums, such as mental hospitals, or hos-
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fetus. The testis of the male, the ovary of the female, are originally
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Let us take after death one of the numerous rabbits whicli we have
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furnished by the body or taken in as food or medication. It is therefore
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entations, and the first objective evidence of the occurrence
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In disease of the cauda equina, on the other hand, pain in the
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hending a description of its cKmate, soil, the manners of the peo-
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was not published until 1577. It is therefore not strange
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strontium has not the same tendency to produce irritation of
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recurrence of fever, n, followed in 2 cases by relapse,
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also obtained last session an Act to enable them to spend a
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of the heart was })erfect up to the time of his deatli. The murmurs
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• Robin and Verdeil, Chimie Anatomitj^ue et Physiologique, tome iii. p. 6G.
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have proved to be a typical mulberry calculus. On the outside
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out, preferably in the evening, and the tube again intro-
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current. This serves to distinguish the affection from the wasting of
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hending a description of its cKmate, soil, the manners of the peo-
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fortieth years, 3 cases ; between the fortieth and fiftieth