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function of the inflamed sinuses without doing the radical operation,
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white. Potato plugs, white colonies. Cohn's solution, slight growth.
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The umbilication of the mature pock is doubtless due to the situation of
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culosis of the lung, in another a large cavity was lined with a thick
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method of study, nor the result would produce satis-
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records a case of diabetic gangrene of the leg in which, on account of the
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this subject (" Weitere Beitrage zur Verbreitungsweise und Bekampfung
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Clin. Med. 45:331, 1955. (2) Bunim, J. J.; Williams, R. R., and Black, R. L.: J. Chron. Dis.
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M. Pouchet, who, together with his intellectual agility,
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and Master of Surgery (Ch.M.) ; and the University may also confer Diplomas in Special
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THE United States from 1880 to 1900, and 1901-1902.
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orders. — Par. 2, S. 0. 101, Department of the Platte, September
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sician to the Class for Nervous Diseases, Bellevue Hospital Out-
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grains. This was an American sailor, who from holding a high position had
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command has enabled him to develop much skill, and I think he
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Dr. Stevens, Professor of Surgery in the Medical lostitiitioii
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causes of tetanus of the neve-born have been sought after.
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centage of minorities (25%) than had been reported in two
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partially encircling the viscus, and more abundant and larger towards the car-
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cient to determine a malignant endocarditis if the animal
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cases are the rule, or even common ; in fact, they are
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relief. The general health should not be neglected.
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"Wiesb., 1886, V, 499-514.— Wood (H. C.) Cold as an anti-
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1853, I have just received the annexed gratifying intelligence:
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Some of the cranial nerves may atrophy, notably the
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attempt to compare the affection with pneumonic fever or pneumonia.