succeeds if made with blood taken during the febrile phase. After an

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was always ushered in by a mif?ruinous attack. Anaesthesia of the fifth

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physiologic optics. — The Philadelphia Polyclinic,

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(fourteenth century) . Eugen Hollander of Berlin, the author of Die Medi-

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good results, though he prefers his first mentioned method.

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till be seen. The general rash fades on the 6th or 7 th' day,

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son his official card, recently adopted by the press of the city^

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or pain can affect the " conscious " deeply enough to

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of the recent cases were cured. It is confidently believed, that an

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erysipelas, lymphangeitis, or septic poisoning, but also acts

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with water, and after drying, is found to be a very

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antiseptic, astringent, and sedative. The following is

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An incalculable amount of sickness, suffering, and premature death would be

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about tw«lve months, when he " felt a sort of gathering," which by

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amination of the material removed. You wiU see that I

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second trimester. Additionally, with the use at our institution

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increases the coagulability of the blood, and is, therefore,

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tion, either through hypersecretion or through perverted

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ojiportunitj' of answering. The Editor does not pUnlge himself to reply to

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and that the councilor district be made to conform to the boundaries of the

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Perth Asylum, in the British Medical Journal for 29th June,

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the distal extremity of the external carotid. I then carried

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them and retained thereon, without the intervention of cotton batting which

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the latter, chronic splenic tumors are found in 69 per cent, of autopsies

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that Committee I would also beg to refer the motion which

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itself in any special wa}'. The red corpuscles containing the para-

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Dr. MooRHOUSE — I quite agree with what Dr. McLaughlin has said in this respect ; and

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The umbilication of the mature pock is doubtless due to the situation of

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heat is common to all dead bodies, the difference being only in degree. As fiir as this

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substantive military charges of the Indian Medical Service receive

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now in good health and could eat almost everything.