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Election of Officers. — Dr. Rowland H. Coombs, of Bedford,

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sweat tinges the linen. The saliva and milk, however, are rarely

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in researches for the advancement of medicine and the allied

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stomach." More frequently, however, the ulcerati\-e process extends

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Hamilton, C. H. Harvey. J. Inkson, J. Jameson. J. H. Jeftcoat, C. A.

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hand, we may have the asthmatic disorder without its being preceded

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blood or simple anemia may occasion it; in other cases a gouty condi-

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Unlike other exanthemata, scarlet fever in a patient does not infect

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O. F. Pollock. Siirgcon-Ma/ors : W. G. Bedford J. T. Carey, W. A. Carte,

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the gastro-intestinal digestion is likewise improved. Along with

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symptoms, namely : pain and great tenderness in the right iliac

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effects of their absence in cases of excision or atrophy.

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now held infamous for a professional man to abscond when

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The judgment delivered by Mr. Justice Wright was, according to the

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and exceeded by o .^ the rate recorded in London, which was 19.1 per

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