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    dumb. Proc. Am. Ass. Adv. Phys. Educat. 1893, N. Haven,
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    severe relapsing fever might terminate favorably. Another observation
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    " 8. The Law of Intensity. — And ttis limb, the left in the case
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    at this point that the vagina communicated with the exterior,
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    gists admit that a ranula originates in some portion of the salivary glands, usually
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    Its power uf directing the motions of moving particles is infinitely
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    ley, M.D., was elected Professor of Diseases of Women;
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    So too the latter teaches that intra-peritoneal hemorrhage is a
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    the internal disease is always present. It is well known, for instance,
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    numerous dark gall-stones the size of buckshot. Mucous membrane of
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    the latter, chronic splenic tumors are found in 69 per cent, of autopsies