enlargement is not hampered by the pelvis and its contents.

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care of my predecessor, Sir Stephen Mackenzie. In July, 1912, I had

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hospital with mstructionsto watch him closely during

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structing the escape of urine, but acting in a measure

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means that there are lesions in the prox- 8. This vascular deficiency may be due

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<2- j&7scr S e*<?<r7 -z &CS / £^t^y Cfaju ,f-l/>Lo£r/^^;

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is effused into the gray matter of the spinal cord the resulting paraplegia appears

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k probably more or less diffused over the entire vascular system of

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Bay, O. L., Raleigh, X;i. Univ. Coll. of Med., 1899 1899 1904

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have a central nucleus, which gives to them an apparentprominence in the centre.

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on this subject, with a review of the work done by v. Mikulicz and in

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York City, the Consumers League, the Department of Health

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O'.'vanents of the arm were unimpaired, nor did the motor

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subjects of the disease they may denote an impending seizure. Observations

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the disease, it is rarely seen in man. A tew cases have come under my

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manufacturing firm in full. It occurred to him afterwards that he was possibly going

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practice in Chicago in 1880 and remained there for eight years. He was a member

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kidney-shaped tumour which passes freely downwards below

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the tallest woman, 5 ft., lOf in. ; the heaviest man was 22

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sufficiently taken into account in regard to such cases.

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several inquiries as to the method of using the constant cur-

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top with slices of hard-boiled egg, fillets of well-washed and

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" Physiology for the Use of Elementaiy Schools " was published

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<5ned by poulticing with Flaxseed meal, or powdered Slippery Elm, when

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ing stopped for a short time, the face became pale, and the patient lay

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stand beyond the usual ripening period, although it is not necessarily

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Description. — Hemoglobinuria is a false hgeniaturia. The urine in

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curved tin tube is then passed through a hole in the centre

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hot sandbaths, &c. — rest on the same principle. I have

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Translated from an article by Dr. C. A. Ljunggren in JVordt '•' itsAt Arkiv., and read before

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whenever cholera travels up the highest mountain passes, as in India,

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Pathological Society, with a vesicle on his hand, re-

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and lower part of the belly on the right side having been

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preciation of the accompanying symptoms, as the chill, fever, splenic

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and heart symptoms, 11 were distinctly cases of Graves' disease; 8 of the

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There is nothing peculiar in the lesion of ecthyma in its early

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