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    knowledge of its existence fairly within the period that will

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    their deliberations are contained in six separate reports, which were issued in the

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    Case 542. Age 31, male. Recovered 28 days. Severe headache, coma, constipation,

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    ing anginose tumefaction, with large plastic patches on the mucous sur-

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    had a cyclitis which was not diagnosed but the iris was certainly not

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    stomach to the urinary organs, than by fluids being absorbed into the

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    * Mauthner, Vortrage aus der gesammt Gebiet der Augenheilkunde, vol. i. p. 360.

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    event of its rejection by vomiting; and then again by

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    2. A physician is guilty of criminal malpractice when he administers

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    applied to free sexual intercourse, is a prostitution or perver-

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    ing the amylaceous food into sugar ; the hepatic cells were af-

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    true expression to the ills which afterwards befall them. The

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    Mussels. — Poisoning from the common mussel {Myiilus cdulis) is

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    pedia of Practical Medicine and Universal Medical Journal for

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    Phila., 1887, li, 617-621. Also, Reprint. — NechayelT

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    Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse, the first professor of Theory and Prac-

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    proper, among which are the two cases noAv placed on record, some

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    compressed lung, both upon the diseased and healthy sides, the respi-

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    American ports of yellow fever. 5. That it propagates prefer-

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    famil}'. From the 6th to the 18th a number of deaths

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    J891, iv, 49-56.— Uurante (F.) Contribute alia statistica

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    to the drug and should be used with caution in patients with hypersensitivity to

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    for a time under normal conditions and then subjected to the gases of

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    bismuth, is an efficient means for arresting vomiting. Beside, its

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    was considerably altered in that it remained fluid,

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    movement — that is to say, it is athetotic rather than choreic.

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    <>f their development. The atheromatous matter in the arteries consisted of numer-

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    of all he cared for people and especially for his family

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    ripe ; second, that an insufficient number of teachers were in-

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    pathology, symptomatology, diagnosis, prognosis, and

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    on the source of this worm in the environment under which the exper-

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