the elderly or debilitated, the usual starting dose is 0.25 mg, two or three times daily
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    And second, when acids, or salts whose acids have stronger affinities
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    gienic conditions of his surroundings are bad, he falls into a state of
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    Eiv. mens, di psichiat. forense, Napoli, 1899, ii, 268-274. —
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    Changes in the Spinal Cord in Pernicious Anemia 441
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    and local symptoms similar in character to those met with in cutaneous
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    The patient was admitted to the hospital on the tenth.
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    may, however, be observed sometimes in pj-a^mia and scarlatina, and the
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    The apartment should be kept moist by steam. The great desideratum is
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    illustrious author ; and the different and especially most obscure species
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    firm until the plaster dressing can be applied. The gimlets are easily
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    Symptoms. — The symptoms are those of leukemia, the enlargement
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    During the thirteenth century the old Universities of Montpellier,
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    revulsive, partly to combat the gastric disorder, which is dia^osticated
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