nevertheless, all hope is not to be abandoned. In many cases, after a
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Surgeon 3rd Dragoon C4uards, was admitted a Fellow of the
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or hot milk-and-water, were found very useful in preventing rigors,
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not show itself till twelve days afterward. Bathing the
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when this organism is inoculated on top of them. The signifi-
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which is always in proportion to the violence of the symptoms,
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wards be called by one side or the other as witness. To make such
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■*,* Dr. Morris seeks to account for the propagation of diseases by Dr.
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form, in stepping from the top of a wall, eighteen feet high, to another about a
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ed ; at first the sonorous and sibilant, rales are heard, and the moist rale which ensues
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patient is seized with severe rigor, and the ague is manifested. The
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The original operation has been many times modified and
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at all come under the head of genuine acute overstraining of
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of chloroform dashed over them increases their anti-emetic action.
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(pyroxylic spirit), but it is contaminated with an empyreumatic
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This varies very much with the locality. The smaller
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becomes our duty to fight it by trying to improve our hygienic
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then his pupil, now a medical practitioner in this city, that ' if one had
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of considerable pain until suppuration takes place, when the latter sub-
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carried on slowly in tissues imperfectly supplied with
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ounces serous fluid, with flakes of lymph enlaciug with the choroid plexus,
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yet to be described, and then closed the abdomen, knowing
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Horace's "Odes," Gray's "Elegy" translated into Latin, and "The
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cine. I believe that the true solution of the difficul-
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fotmd that the present method of ventilation by air gi-atings would be
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usually brought about by preventing the construction of
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cient training. Give it but the means, and the Harvard School will
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facts which have been verified by recent observations.
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be done with absolute certainty if the comma-bacillus
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The Secretary presented a report of work done in the
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to the free end of the horizontal bar, the degree of extension exerted can
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Phlyctenules show a depraved condition of the system
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being aware that he was struggling with so deadly a foe.
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