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but the term is still used to denote a group of substances

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COURSES OF PRACTICAL WORK as Assistants, under tutelage, for periods of three months, six months, one year, for specialists.

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FIG. 91. Bothriocephalus latus: a, 6, twin segments. (Wilson.)

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Mineral waters are prescribed in very moderate amounts

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depending- upon the intervals of introduction and the age of

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In 1877, an aural depai-tment was opened in the Western

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A second case was observed by Bouziau. This was a new-born

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Lugol’s solution, and propylthiouracil — or one of

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thousand of them. Kentucky, in a mistaken way, is endeavoring to

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15th, 1851. Seized with rigors on t*he 8th ; had great pain in the head, back, and

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ferme in aculeum desinentia habebant ; cauda tenui, longitudine corpus quinquies

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trated mixtures of strychnine, of arsenic, or of mercuric

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death is inevitable. The decision to offer a heart transplant in these

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feels with King David, "a day in thy courts is better than a thousand " any where

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of nephritis; with report of cases. Arch. Ophth., N. T.,

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water, forming mist or cloud. If the droplets become too heavy

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water bag on his abdomen or across his back just behind

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function of the liver, to hyperglycemia and glycosuria, and supposing

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beyond the fact that they are very rare, the cases refer to miliary

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For breakfast, half a pound of mutton chop, a pint of milk, and