They reported nine cases treated in this way, and in these nine cases

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carried by persons who had been exposed to the disease

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essentially the tendency is toward some degree of chronic change in the

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receive discharges, and the third for specimens which it may be

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actual secretory power of the tubular cells is gathered from sadly uncer-

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leaving the inflamed and indurated vesicles projecting from the sur-

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teaching tools. Specific feedback by a review of diet records,

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to learn. ,V very large proportion of cases of apex

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administered early. In the early cases, even though pneumococci

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•• we may hope, for both sexes, that identical will give place to appropriate

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drowsy. 5^. Bell. 3X, hourly. At 5.30 p. m. had a convul-

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pulse declines, the function of hsematosis is impaired, and hence the

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in the literature, although Hirschberg at the last Inter-

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Fourteen days after the second operation was performed the patient died from multiple

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measures. Sponges are objectionable and should not be used unless

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14th. — Virion improved somewhat by a biconvex glass of

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providing precise and complete data on patient nutrient intake to assist

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Sanatorium, addressed two of these meetings on Sunday at churches. On

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Towels, sheets, nightgowns, and all fabrics used about the patient

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drawing a breath. But simple acute laryngitis of severe grade is

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Ill- "tun l'r,-ti liil .11;, ill,, I,, .,n nnil,iii,_. ,,| th,. -iiru luT !n.Mr,-i-. Il .,r

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Such persons are benefited by slow travelling, cheerful society, and

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practitioners, or who fails to protest against its adoption

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in convulsions, severe headache, or dyspnea. White and Wilcox* have shown

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general) of JMr. Adams, held on the 18th instant, at

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ligaments intra-peritoneally with fixation of the fundus to the

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dilatation is caused by any mechanical obstruction at the py-

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interpreted the changes observed; that the transforma-

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severe hypotension can occur from the combined effects of the drugs, (See Warnings )

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be the omentum or mesentery, or if, as sometimes happens, the laceration

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Diarrhoea is usually self curative, that is to say,

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artery is in the grasp of the instrument ; then having

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which is most apt to be observed when either the trunk of the third nerve