duration in them ; and in it both ureters were embedded, the

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Silcock (A. Q.) ?Epithelioma of left ui)per lid: epi-

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soon as death took place, and in five minutes after death, fell 0.55 C; temperature of atmoi-

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have seen a series of unkept promises and an Inability to deliver

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presence, by more or less continuous pain, for two or

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were audited and passed. Three deaths were annovmced. It

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mngrl^enAttanodxnaj/ IrA not remain in the 'hospital. M^ilk-

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with great distinctness, and blushing taking place with extreme facility ;

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1,^93/ ^ ■:.,'. .,Refle^ Tinnitus. ,.,\:, ,;■ 43^

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might, therefore, be expected to somewhat especially

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and the committee expects to be able to make a report recom-

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and staphylolysin ; and animal poisons, such as snake venom, scorpion

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prevalence of disease among the pauper class, and the

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ber of the Royal Colh'ge of 8urg(!ons, «Stc. &c., with Illustrations. First American

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Buchanan, L. T., Raleigh, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1913 1915 1917

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We now recogni/.e, then, a tubercular " rheumatism ' which may

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stand its real value that they committed so many errors in regard to

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from the obligation to employ e'vary additional means to in-

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describe somewhat in detail this '' grattage," which is a

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the fact that the parts were in a perfectly healthy condition.

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tion, and segmentation itself, which occurs coincidently with the

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presented the appearance of finely divided particles of

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also as a matter of course, typhus prevailed, 140 deaths

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of this disorder; the sweating of puerperal fever does not diminis**^ jj®