to a violet red when the potassium hydroxid is evaporated (Strecker). This test
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unrivaled. The ingredients used in its production should be in glass or-
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see the case by Dr. Douglass, found a pulsating tumor,
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rapid beating of the foetal heart, and tumultuous move-
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As to the method of operating: Laparotomy is more dangerous than
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described as of most frequent occurrence. From my experience I would
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most important are the bromides, cocaine, or morphine. Boas advises
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ological strength, and so gain admittance to our summaries.
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or malignant. It will be necessary to weigh all the evi-
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were often uncertain as to the exact condition pres-
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time of my arrival — the arrest or amelioration of which was the
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acquaintance with the action of a large variety of medicines
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first injections areusually attended with considerable
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Dated December 16, 1917.— Captain Charles H. Stringer; Captain Gilbert G. Collet, M.B. ;
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The remarks made above with regard to the Dogmatists
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in the left side of the abdomen, and principally in the left hypo-
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minims, or a fluid dram and a half, escaped in a minute ; which
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posited from very acid urine. spangles are almost always of
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hat finds in certain localities meteoric conditions
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The deiith-rates ranged from U.3 in Brighton to 23.3 in Swansea ;
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tration follows the course of a monomolecular reaction for about
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22 Physicians Must Now Report Children with Exceptional Education
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the lungs exhibited rales and rhonchi over almost their entire
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Huxley, "On the Classification and Structure of the Mam-
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world, as an endemic disease ; prevailing as such, however, more exten-
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specific something issuing from the body of the sick,
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lished about six miles from Montclair, The herd is regu-
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Mobile, Memphis, St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati,
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Chest Fluid 4. — Man, aged 42 years. Cardiac, general edema; volume of
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the act. Some time ago a German contemporary, in answering
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turer on Laryngoscopy and Diseases of the Throat and Chest, in Jefferson
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the fortunate outcome of six of the operated cases excuses
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autopsy we made. After reciting his history, I shall return to the
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Westboro', Northboro' and Southboro'. The train starts at some hour