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* Excluding Pellagrin 789, a colored female, who was included in the group of white
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diseases of women and children. An abstract of several of these papers has
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medulla oblongata, in connection with the symptoms of bulbar paralysis, give
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gastric contents, a sign which is of course present because only the
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source of infection could be discovered. There was no febrile reaction
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pure quinine. Inconsequence of the energetic action of the aconitia, the suscep-
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and found a condition which in Hawaii would certainly
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loosen muscles, spring spine. Get knee in patient's back and
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shorter period of rest, so to speak, between each curve '?
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the name of Aztec Children. By J. Mason Warren, M. D. [With two
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and children, where the lesions are semi-solid, slightly
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Letters, whether written for publication or private information,
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orange and extremely putrid. On Jan. 23d one of her
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tachycardia to a reflex from the bladder brought on by
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the lower portion to break off, we suspected that it was carious, and
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cvsts are often found in senile atrophy of the kidney. Cysts may be ibrmed
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the up])er fragment, that had a tendency to keep them
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embryonic in the protoplasm of the cells, be demon-
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addition being a small oil lamp, which has a sliding movement
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each of the present incumbents previous to this meeting, be adopted
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pill intact. Since then we have never ordered one of these armored
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words, the prevention of the changes in the anterior gray columns of the
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show a similar superiority with rabbit serums immunized against acid-
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position and the nature of the ulcer. Upon microscopical examination,
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topical stimulant — the strength of the solution being in in-
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at its upper part are less liquid and are darker in color. There is, indeed,
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acid seemed! not to be diminished in this combination. Dr. Wilhelm Becker
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by a firm exudate. Iodoform gauze, carefully folded to
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the segment of the artery sutured will not allow the blood to pass
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Leeming, Miles & Co., of Montreal, exhibited a magnificent-
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produced. Thus, while some may be overcome by the first seizure,
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the force with which a cannon ball must travel, I may mention that I saw a case