Peoria M. J., 1900, v, 50-55.— Veriieuil. Du paludisme

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    inflammation that destroys the outlying epithelial cells. In all

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    it might bo difficult or impossible to recognize them.

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    every session, tlioy would not materially interrupt our ordinary

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    Nervous Diseases. — In chorea minor. Dr. Sciascia has

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    When the phlyctenae break, they are succeeded by blackish-gray

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    ber, to which I have thus f^ar administered the drug,

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    In this case the swelling of the pharynx produced great

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    if the patient be insensible, simply dropped on the tongue.

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    two training at these schools. "We want a good teacher" is

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    of the poison into the blood ami general system. A Ligature is ad-

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    those which have ordinarily been recognized as suitable for iodoform and its con-

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    have reserved it for special mention. You all expected the honoiired

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    Resorts of Europe and Africa," says: "With few excep-

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    cutting through the indurated substance on the left side, it felt like soft becs'-wax

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    nor to give the details of correcting errors of refraction

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    of so many, and hence this increase in the vascular pressure enters into

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    sleep was one of those laey, sluggish and bad practices ; that the sooner

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    and she appeared to have recovered. In about three weeks the vomiting

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    are a few of the possibilities which this much-belittled affection is

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    may follow a streptococcal infection, just as it may result from

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    the granular structure having disappeared. The right adrenal was

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    he felt at times as if he would lose his l)reath. There was a dispositioa

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    reported several cases in which most favorable results followed living in the

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    Boston, 160; "Worcester, 26 ; Lowell, 27; Milford, 2; Chelsea, 5; Cambridge, 13; Salem,

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    good reason for doubting the liability of the latter disease

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