They could not, therefore, find their way in the streets,

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" by pouring a little hot water into it, then put a small quantity of

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it a common malady, it is sufficiently frequent to merit careful attention.

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The average temperature was from 100° to 101.8°. Care

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I>roduce. Hydrogen gas is ot^e of the principal elements of the animal

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bors too much to the exclusion or neglect of tho^e further in

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in possession of uninterrupted liealtli, Ijoiiif; now in ids fifty-fiftli year.

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have irregularly serrated and eroded edges and a lardaceous

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charge of lymph into the veins, and thus favors the accumulation of fluid in the

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more probable if, in addition to the psychical symptoms, there occur

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dizziness, faintness, or an indescribable sense of discomfort in the region of

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by this yellow material. Sometimes the tubes, more distended at some parts

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Another liver may be injected by the hepatic veins with light

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the first, which occupy the lower stratum, act as irri-

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convulsions. All these may be eliminated without interfering

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no wasting of the tongue or alteration in its electrical excitability, and

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Professor of Hygiene in the University of Pennsylvania.

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unheard-of atrocities committed during the furious struggle

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according to fixed principles, and by methods which have been de-

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leg, which eventually amounted to partial paralysis. His

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method of execution, a case came on in a Dublin prison,

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ability the ascending intussusception is caused l)y too rapid emptying

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of mother and neonate may reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality.

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Symptoms or Acute Endocarditis. — Subjective phe-

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insanity and feeblemindedness in heredity is much less intimate,