twice President of the Royal College of Surgeons — viz., in
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are those of marsh tever. At the commencemeiit, a catarrhal
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nitis the people would soon be swept from the earth.
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are found within leukocytes. In contradistinction to streptococci and
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orthography, American history, English composition, and the elements
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frequencies, the blue, indigo, and violet, which readily pass
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Differing as these forms of pulmonary emphysema do in
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a-day ; the quantity of urine has varied from seven to ten pints
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that, in addition to the glands of the neck, the other lymph glands
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undergo treatment for surra. It will be found impracticable to attempt to
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the irritation of caseous deposits, of suppuration, of the products of
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in the axiUa and between the scapul;e ; the heart's impulse is
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Treatment. — A single cyst should be fully exposed and dealt with
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inoculation of horses, asses, and white rats, produces only a local
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The number of twin births diiring the year was 47. in 14 of which
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Scars. The forms of various scars may be of some importance in
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and the drop adhering to it was brought into contact with the
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timacy, and his associates, who knew not only his unwav-
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The aim of this work, the author announces, is to help the student in
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without alteration of the glands, capillaries or epithelium ; 2nd,
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the region of the cricoid cartilage and of the pyriform
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ever idiopathic. Dr. McCollom could see no reason why
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displacement than in anterior, and yet he did not ex-
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tions of iron are especially useful. Change of circumstances is indispen-
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the voiding of large quantities of the peculiar shreds and portions of mem-
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infection. Gwyn does not consider that the chorea was de-
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large vacuoles in the epithelial cells of the kidney and liver; otherwise these
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that a single council would prove awkward in operating two
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