dation, which, though strongly attached to the subjacent pleurae,

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patient would consent to a second operation, and even if

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the -great difficulty in the way of maintaining a correct position of

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bed with strict directions not to allow pressure upon the

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known, that the items or services were not "medically necessary" or that they

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side of phthisis clearly showed that the apparent connection was due to

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of soda, 3J. ; sulphate of morphia, 1 grain ; v,-ater, Jvi. A

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and poison, and are such as should be rendered impossible. It

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This case did not owe its origin to direct infection, and the question

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Oleum Rosce, as that from all the Orient. But it certainly is not " Oil of Roses."

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8 A.M,, by 23 horse-drawn sweeping machines. All the princi-

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portions markedly dilated and filled with casts. The epithelium of the

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ated glands of the intestine, are affected, and in fact practically all the

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The crisis of this disease seldom forms in less than

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red and swollen, his tongue thick and painful, and he lost

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duty in such a way as not to incur the censure of his superiors.

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or By-laws ever been adopted which had failed to se-

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custom of consulting a physician at stated intervals for

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to preside over this ancient and honorable Society, to promote its best

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movement is merely that of trembling without the peculiar jerking of

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to be called. She is generally known as a woman who

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characterized by an overgrowth of the interstitial connective tissue of

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climate of Sienna as useful in scrofulous afiections, but hurtful in phthisis.

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bers of both impartial physicians and lawyers before

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ceeded in bringing such a pressure upon the circumference of the

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Per volume: Cloth, $3.00 net; Half Morocco, $3.75 net.

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hundred titles, and yet even this is believed to fall short

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results of his treatment. He considered the subject