□ Pyopen (disodium carbenicillin) vials for injeaion equivalent to 1 gm. and 5 gm. of carbenicillin.

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be done with absolute certainty if the comma-bacillus

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weight, and their mothers should know what their weight is from

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brought into the lower part of the wound and sutured to the

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cases in which the patient cannot be got to swallow medicine, as now

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costal spaces were dilated, and pain was experienced on

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fact alone offers strong confirmatory evidence of its

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minutes, agonising in its intensity, especially immediately below the

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The superficial branch passes toward the median line of the arm ventral

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tissue and, later, of the portal sheaths. The forma-

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inches below the umbilicus, up under the cartilages of the ribs. From this

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These extra contractions are small, as the heart has rested too

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Dr. Morrow had seen a case in which it was confined to the palms —

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cocks, which on being pressed would alternately open and close

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primary infections in which, with an even smaller number of para-

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found here a plan of work in operation engaging fully the time and

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upon such a firm financial basis that it can freely and uninterruptedly pur-

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with some slight difficulty, be obtained from it on saponification.

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Dr. Wilson was much pleased with the device mentioned

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Such safeguards as these, your Lordship, make it impossible

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from a chemical point of view, than the various forms of

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other evidences of failing heart, a smooth liver, the absence of dilated

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arteries are exceedingly numerous, and lie chiefly between the walls of the fibrous par-

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ral parts on the opposite side of the body, with pre-

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disease, for in former times nearly every case proved fatal. It was

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work should be so organized and integrated that there