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In this work there is so much excellent reading matter that it is

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In a case reported by Mr. Freer, of Stourbridge, a man, set. 28,

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spinous fossa." He was aspirated the seventh time on

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The titular officers of each section shall decide as to the

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most obscure chapter; and the progress of physiological chemistry has

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Collins and was ultimately sent to a school for the blind, where she

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vances when we obtain a closer acquaintance with the diseases of ani-

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pital of 750 people, cases now and then do crop out

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30. Tuke's Diet, of Psychol. Med., Vol. 2, p. 1217.

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have its efl'ect upon the House, at least during the early part

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previous to death, had been subject to melancholia ; had

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tids of the liver, in which tapping was performed, will bo found in the medical

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ittal, about which pronation and supination occur ; a

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among the fellows. No delegates were appointed to attend the National

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with all the care and exactness that we can before resorting to

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