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Sore Nipples. — When cracked nipples are not caused by constitutional disease,
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j size, and that cases complicated by stricture, or l)y
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group of individuals is shown by the low attack rate in Section A of
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anthus. Digitalis should be given in the powder or infusion preferably to
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ed. 1883. — 54. James. Bd. Med. Journal, 1893, vol. xxxix. p. 521. — 55. Joffrov.
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The complications to be dreaded are pyaemia and pneumonia. Sato,
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fatal result. At Sts. Mary and Elizabeth Hospital they give it with
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amination of bodies after death, 'are alone son ^200^ ? BUl f CtS duSn S the sea-
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])r. WiLKS remarked that lead and gout seemed to give rise
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previous history of the case, except that the man had
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falls naturally here for consideration. Thirty children did not
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terlies and monthlies together, and perhaps as many journals on special branches
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peculiarities of normal tissues. As histological studies advanced, so did
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tographs of an ingenious contrivance, by which the spinous processes are held
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These are the grounds on which, as we understand him.
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establishment of the equilibrium between inside and outside solutions
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the course of a few weeks. More commonly the otitis becomes chronic
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improvement could be made in Chicago market milk, and at
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out, preferably in the evening, and the tube again intro-
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f th ijvT P m nS - In SUitS Which involTC the -a duties
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lacerated wo\nid of tlio great toe of the right f.vit, with fracture of its
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altered metabolic activity, has yet to be determined ; but
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signs of infection. The perineum is next carefully ex-
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kidney than in the bladder, but the fact that the condition is more likely
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continuously over a period of 1 J hours. This was confirmed by Jamieson (Jamie-
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tions. Let any practitioner of medicine think for him-
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Mr. T. Smith asked if the patient was rickety, as such
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For Nervous and Mild Mental Diseases and Addiction Cases
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inae and spines or occur externally on the sides of the vertebrae. Small metastases
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of sirup of coffee, elixir adjuvans, or chocolate. The
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strong and sturdy. They had six children, two of them pellagrins. The wife