the water used varies from 100° to 110° F. In two or
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the intestines of 54 wild rats in a search for the amoeba histolytica
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The case which I am about to relate illustrates in a
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In reference to the important question of medical responsibility, the follow-
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designed for permanently conveying oxygen tanks from point to point
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their unclouded consciousness, morale, and natural inclinations,
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condition of the patient, one will readily see that he is dealing
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if the woman's body was entered. In a case like this, where there was no
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in the royal army, and after the Bestoration returned to England in 1682,
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hands of experienced Camembert makers from France, some changes
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vious lungs ; from hyperthermia, the limit of bodily temperature
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He asked whether any of the gentlemen present had seen
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be used in connection with the Riva-Rocci instrument, by encircling the arm with
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regard to this the authorities differ — P^hrlich cautions against
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turns are periodical, and its paroxysms commence more frequently
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ealled surylcnl hidnci/ is found when an acute bilateral pyelitis, following' :i
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dilate just before it escaped from the pericardium, and the dilata-
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3 A church official to whom was intrusted the duty of granting dispensa-
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it therefore always merits a trial, when opium in other forms
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has no direct connection with any other nerve cell or fibre.