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    Water is never met with in nature perfectly pure. It always

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    not correct to say that " hemiantesthesia, arising from encephalic le-

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    that the cavity is slowly but steadily diminishing.

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    require a little exercise before being fit for even a light day's work. The

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    " (In the Companitive Anatomy of the Oi-gans of Digestion in the

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    In a certain family three little girls were successively attacked. One of the sisters

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    Of course, when all is said, the hypothesis, so fascinating in

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    the amount of compensating hypertrophy. In an apparently healthy

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    The condition of her blood continued to improve while she was in

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    through the i)eritoneum on the posterior surface of

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    relief. For this reason all asymmetrical enlargements of the thyroid

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    more desperate than the condition for which it is to be administered.

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    wiliest part, and now had the appearance of an enormous cedematous

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    der Emahrungs-Therapie," herausgegeb. von E. von Leyden,

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    learned Dr. Mayo's method I no longer fear them. After freeing

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    system of the heart. Tobacco acts in some persons upon the motor and

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    Whatever the pathology or the conceptions of the practitioner

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    just as the child breathed his last the first rays of the sun shone

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    nearly all the species are separated by very minute differ-

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    of papers on subjects of great practical interest await our con-

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    there is a tendency to the recurrence of the particular activity — ^a

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    nuclei. To the necrotic action of the circulating toxines

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    tassium; Caustics — Silver; Surgical Disorders —