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Difference in power of extensors, limb flexed or straight,
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streaked with blood, and accompanied with pain, as is shown in
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Case IX.— C. H., aged 44, has previously been in good
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The subsequent behavior of this group has a bearing on this question.
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terised any of the other systems of treatment pursued at
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in°- would immediately convey a portion of it into the stomach. As the facts
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though still preserving its (edematous iGsatures. In still another class of
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tiie operator then divided the quadriceps-femoris tendon ahove
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and is by no means discouraged, and that it is an almost in-
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the most important, the diagnosis of typhoid must be made with
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management of the severer forms of intermittent, or " conges-
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these cases I have removed the appendages, and in some of them, as I
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' In the month of June last, I had under my care a typical case
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he examined the udders and the milk in the udders of 15 cows, in 13
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other affection, or from causes which are not apparent.
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and discrepancy between the results of treatment on the two
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Influenza, Schweizer Correspondenzblatt, 12. Rhyner, Gangrene of the Lungs,
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president. Dr. W. S. Galbraith, of Lethbridge ; registrar and
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ers adopted their usual expedient for catching animals ; they put their does on the trail
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tween injections is about 7 days. Longer periods have not been
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authors have described them under the special name of pseudo-tabes
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is quite as important as the effusion in the joint itself. Inflammatory edema may
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Older children same, with suitable doses of Paregoric,
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only the respectful attention of the Fellows of the Association, but of sur-
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body, and could not be removed without destroying the apparatus, but
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tion that the President nominate a committee, consisting of himself as
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Case IV. — Same patient as in Case III. Advancement ot
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,tinue to have several " turns " a day, despite the use of as much