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present is that there will be a great variety of opinions — first,
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who wrote more than two centuries ago, and whose practice of physic reflected not only
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Repr. from : Nederl. Tijdschr. v. Geneesk., Amst., 1885,
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It is an affection quite distinct from ordinary necrosis, and is produced by causes
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they were only as well developed in their brains as
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ing fluids, septic materials, and a neglect to thor-
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regard to the care of the expectant mother's health, and this is
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The author i)laces the parasite (a microbe) in the class of schizo-
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In most instances repeated injections were necessary
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wives of common laborers even, seek to evade the nursing and care of their
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the right hand near the metacarpophalangeal joint of
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It would certainly appear that the complex symptomatology
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with symptoms of meningitis or localized cortical irritation, crescents
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is worthy of consideration with a view to experimental observation. It
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not be jeopardized by any human claim that seeks exemption from
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(sound) passed through the urethra from without ; but they
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after the application of the cautery, the patient suffers much, and often
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at Mainz in 14Hr) and 1491 respectively. But thirty years ago new
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almost constantly, but was able to attend to her household duties for eight
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with syringes are practically worthless. Use a fountain
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just feel that they are going to reform the world with
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had acted beneficially both in cases of cerebral hyperfemia and