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report handed me by the Director of Accounts on the first
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French artisans, from a French Dumdrudge, in like manner
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while the thermic sense, the sense of pain, and that of pressure were pre-
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Diagnosis. — This is mainly concerned with the recognition of the
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cost which would bring not only skill and facilities, but
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The most important matter in connection with the treatment of rickets
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pitched, vesicular breathing, and the child becomes tran-
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admirable purpose. ^ The unbroken part of the rim should be made the
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round, oval, or rod-like and jointed, varying in length from
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ing in of the chest wall, or all of these together. But only when the lung ex-
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an attack is always brought on by the patient becoming thoroughly wet, or
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from food, the depressing effect of alkalis on iron
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medical profession to verify the usefulness of sur-
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gous masses could be seen and felt on the surface of the
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Erb, with regard to paralysis of the facial nerve a frigore, appears to me
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pain when sitting or standing, fever, headache, and thirst. Suppositories
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tion could be employed, as the least pressure gave rise to such pain
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Microscopic examination of the tumor showed the following: A section from the center
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difficult experiences to go through while who wOl be having personal contacts with
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rose to 102°, and the pulse, which for a couple of days
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symptoms of scleroderma had appeared. There was first noticed a local