one-twentieth of an inch from the cornea, the blade
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is either a hasty misconstrual of Lucretius' statement in verse 113
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HOXGSOPATHIC TREATMENT. The best remedies for hemorrhage
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feedings before exhibition of the purge. The aloes ball iu
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with in the early stage, and submitted at once to energetic anti-
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mine the difference in the number of receptors which the
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HocHE. Bed. klin. JFoch. May 31, 1897.— 13. Hogden, J. T. "Eff'ects of Com-
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ciples of treatment involved. Microscopical preparations and lantern slides will be used
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ants and Individual Propbyla.\is against Infectious Diseases,"
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be an excuse for that state of things, but it will surely end in the degeneration of
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.•^liddea variations of temperature, especially when combined with damp and wet weather;
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By Harry Campbell, M.D., B.S. (Lond.), Senior Assistant
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seem to be far better if the simple endeavour were made
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lon, that though medical men do not apparently enjoy
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wine red fluid ; in a strongly positive test the red cells lie heaped
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or less distinctly marked periods, known respectively as the cold, the hot,
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the joint, and elevation of the arm appeared to be prevented by contact between
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not before us a shore, bordering the misty sea of all knowl-
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dolomite is the usual channel of the goitre poison. Certain germs
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disease, often regarded by the patient as lumbago, or neuralgia; fever,
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approach of manhood, and at the age of about forty-five years. It is
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G. All the salts deficient in the blood, especially the alkali or carbonate
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med. Wocli.) reports 120 cases of diphtheria treated with antitoxic serum
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vative surgery, in contradistinction from the follies and fancies of the
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don, England, DAVID W. FINLAY, M.D., F.R.CP., Aberdeen,
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were noted during fibrillation, in our case, corresponding to the systolic
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interfering with the integrity of the uterus, delivery may be accomplished
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American ports of yellow fever. 5. That it propagates prefer-
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toms are irritation of the nervous centres, with more or less congestion
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